Green Party of Moldova concerning the Situation in Ukraine

Adolf Putin – Stop the War!

Ecological Green Party like all the civil society of the Republic of Moldova oriented towards the European values of democracy expresses deep concern towards the latest developments in Ukraine. As well, the Ecological Green Party concerns about the negative consequences that will be generated at the regional and continental level, through the irresponsible continuation, by the authorities in Moscow today, of the same expansionist policies pursed by the tsarist and soviet imperialism.

Basically, by the military involvement in the internal affairs of Ukraine, Russia has shown that it remains the last barbarian empire in a world of dialogue and its policy is based only on manipulating a population marked by frustrations of a chauvinist and imperialist ideology that has been cultivated in the period of several centuries.

In this respect, EGP makes a serious warning about the typical fascist behavior adopted by the actual Kremlin authorities, led by Vladimir Putin, the artisan of the recent Crimean diversions, clearly meant only to justify the aggression against a sovereign and independent state.

The dramatic episode that is consumed now in Ukraine serves as a proof that the previous lessons of history have not be learned by the Kremlin, because Russian communism was not punished by the Nuremberg tribunal for the millions of innocent victims that it has made. It is appropriate to recall that in 1939, the fascist Germany applied the same tactic of occupying the own border post by the German soldiers, only they were dressed in Polish uniforms to justify aggression against Poland. Just like in Crimea today, the Russian soldiers without insignia occupied Parliament and the airport.

More recently, 22 years ago, on March 2nd, 1992, Moldova along with several other former soviet republics was admitted in UNO. “Coincidentally” at the same time, Russia triggered the military aggression of the Moldova territorial disintegration by Transnistria War. Just as it has done now, initiating a new conflict when the Ukraine announced its European path continuation.

What happened in Moldova in 1992 and in Georgia in 2008, what is happening now in Ukraine, represents the effect over decades of the Stalin designed policy, creating artificial pro- Russian States, by transfer of territory and populations regardless the identity or national history.

The sole purpose was to seed the discord and disunity in the event of future manifestations of the will to independence. For the Ukraine, that future has now come, but Putin reaps the fruits of the Stalin seeds. With a typical imperial nerve, the Kremlin new Adolf accuses the Ukrainian pro Europeans of fascism, pretending to forget that his predecessor, Iosif Stalin practiced a 100% fascist policy, going hand in hand with Hitler to occupy Europe and only greed separated them, in no case ideological differences.

Clearly, Russia does nothing more than to continue the Tsarist Empire policy of annexation and the enmity of the nations found in the view of its expansionist ambitions. Justification of aggression by invoking an alleged obligation to defend Russian citizens in Ukraine is cynical and defiant against the recent history realities. It is notoriously known in Ukraine, as well as in Moldova and other former soviet republics that these ethnic enclaves were created artificially by transferring Russian- speaking population- not always Russian!- to the territories, which had to be controlled for the exclusive benefit of Moscow. Russian- speaking population has been established here from the very beginning in the position of domination and control by offensive limiting to the indigenous people the rights to manage their own territory and to have access to their own language and culture. In this context, we qualify the recent reaction of the power from Kiev to imitate the former ”master” and to repeal the Law on indigenous people languages functioning totally contrary to the European norms on the rights of ethnic minorities. One cannot approach Europe free, decreasing the freedom of other ethnicities.

What is happening now in Ukraine shows that if a country and the world community do not immediately react to the threat of Russian politics of interference and ethnic strife, it will extend destructively throughout the area. And it is not the only danger! The possible Russian –Ukraine War, in the addition to the thousand of sacrifices will mean a huge ecological disaster by loss of control on chemical and bacteriological ammunition depots and on nuclear and hydroelectric power centrals that will lead to the immediately and long term inevitable pollution of huge territories and Black Sea.

In order to prevent the actions that may lead to further destabilization of the situation in the region, the Ecological Green Party urges to use all international mechanisms to solve the crises through diplomatic ways only.

No military aggression!

No fascist policies and soviet imperialism!

No Adolf Putin!

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