Last Tuesday, on the day of the Shell AGM, Milieudefensie launched a new website:

What? gathers information on Shell’s climate-related promises, activities and investments worldwide on a timeline and an interactive map. This is meant to help get an overview of the available information related to Shell’s role in the energy transition. The website also provides space for guest contributions on an ‘analysis’ page. For now is only available in Dutch, but we are planning to translate it into English over the next months.
Shell says that it supports the Paris Agreement. At the same time the company continues to invest billions in the development of new oil and gas fields. Milieudefensie has developed to analyse to what extent Shell’s actions are in line with Shell’s rhetoric on climate change. The website will tell the true story on Shell’s role in the energy transition.

This is how you can help:

  • Share information on Shell’s activities in your region. The website is meant to provide an overview of Shell’s activities worldwide. When you have information on Shell’s activities in your region or news stories on Shell’s actions in your country, we would highly appreciate it if you can share those stories with us. We can then include these stories on our timeline and interactive map.
  • Write a guest contribution. In the form of a short article (800-1000 words) on Shell’s activities in your region. Please contact us if you are interested to do so.
  • Help promote our website. For now the website is only available in Dutch, but since we are planning to translate it, it would be great if you could help promote our website internationally. Example tweets that you could use are (combined with image in the attachment):
    • Is Shell’s rhetoric on climate change in line with its actions? Check #ShellWatch:
    • What is @Shell’s true role in the energy transition? Find out on #ShellWatch:
    • Does @Shell support, or undermine the Paris Agreement? Find out on #ShellWatch:

We hope that the website (once translated into English) will provide a useful source of information for the federation and beyond. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions ( or



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