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Gas: Locking Europe into a fossil-fuelled future

There is no such thing as a clean fossil fuel. Despite technological innovations, gas is a significant contributor to climate change, and in some cases emissions from shale gas can be comparable to or worse than coal. This briefing argues that gas will lock Europe into decades of fossil fuel use, blocking or slowing down the neccessary transition to energy efficiency and renewables.


Chevron is about to leave Ukraine

Chevron Corp. may pull out of a shale-gas project in western Ukraine…

“There is information that they plan to exit” the Oleska production-sharing agreement, leaving Ukraine without any shale-gas projects, Valeriy Chaly, deputy chief of President Petro Poroshenko’s administration, told reporters today in Kiev.

The second-largest U.S. energy producer terminated the agreement because Ukraine failed to simplify taxation rules by a Nov. 18 deadline, the Kiev Post reported, citing Chevron country manager, Peter Clark. Chevron’s press service declined to comment further.

Also, Royal Dutch Shell Plc halted operations and withdrew all personnel from the Yuzivska exploration project field in eastern Ukraine in June, as fighting with pro-Russian separatists intensified.




Shale Gas: Interesting developments in Pennsylvania

Interesting developments in Pennsylvania.
After years of denial by authorities, there is more and more evidence – confirmed by authorities – that shale gas drilling & fracking has led to 100s of instances of water contaminination (243 to be precise).
Seems that – of the the 6000 wells drilled between 2008 and now – 243 led to a contamination of private drinking wells. That is an immediate problem with 1 in every 25 wells. We’ll see what happens when these 1000s of wells get abandoned.
Please use this official report whenever industry says that there are no proven cases, linking fracking to groundwater contamination!
Sample tweet: PA Environment Dep confirms: 243 cases of #shalegas companies contaminating private #water wells: http://bit.ly/1vW96wj
The article itself: